Hadassah's Hope has multiple opportunities to serve: 

  • Outreach Ministry
  • Cooking Team
  • Cards and Letters Team
  • Prayer Team 
  • Financial Donations
  • In-Kind Donations

 If you believe the Lord is calling you to join one of our teams, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information on this website.  After prayerful consideration, please let us know if you would like to learn more.

 We’d love to hear from you! 

Serve on the Frontline

  1. Outreach  - This team of women go into the strip clubs to love on and minister to the ladies inside. The goal is to establish a trusting relationship and ultimately be able to point them to the hope found only in Jesus. If you are interested in Outreach, we require an application be completed as a starting point which includes telling us more about your personal walk with Jesus.  Please note that this position requires a minimum commitment of at least 1 visit per month for 1 hour.  Typically, we will have you serve on one other team for a season before serving inside the clubs. 
  2. Rope Holders - We have a group of men that stay in the parking lot and ensures the safety of the outreach team. They keep an eye on the parking lot and stay in contact with the outreach team serving inside the clubs. 

To serve on the front lines on the Outreach or be a Rope Holder, please click on the start application button below, complete the application, 

and email the form to 

Tami Taunton at

Serve Behind the Scenes

  1. Cooking Team  - This group commits to providing 1 meal item 1 -2 times a month. You decide and sign-up for 1 portion of the meal (main dish, a side item or paper goods). There will be a scheduled time to deliver your meal to the drop off point. This is a great way to involve your life-groups and Sunday school classes.
  2. Prayer Team  - The Prayer Team commits to praying over the Outreach Team for the hour we are in the club as well as the women working in the clubs.  Currently, we serve in clubs twice each month.  
  3. Cards and Letter Writing  - Another wonderful way to serve is by writing letters or cards for ladies trapped in the sex industry.  Personal notes express how loved and precious they are to the One that created them. We want them to know how their past does not define them and there is hope. 
  4. Donate - Make a one-time or monthly financial donation or purchase an item to support Hadassah's Hope.

Behind the Scenes teams do not need to complete the application. Please click on find out more button below and send us an email expressing interest and we will email you right away. 

Downloads & Background Check

Please download  Hadassah's Hope Application, waiver, and submit your background check. All three are required to volunteer on the Outreach Team with  Hadassah's Hope. You are responsible for the cost of the background check at $18.  This will only be viewed by Tami Taunton and/or business support. 

Click here to purchase and submit your background check: Background Check. 

Hadassah's Hope Waiver (pdf)


Hadassah's Hope Application 2019 (pdf)